Prahlad Chandra Brahmachari

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Prahlad Chandra
Brahmachari was a renunciant devotee of the goddess Kali, who was subjected to
trance states and visions throughout his life. He was born into a poor Brahman
family in Orissa, somewhere between 1900 and 1910. He was one of five brothers,
none of whom ever attended school. The family lived partly starved almost half
the year. His father was quite a righteous person.

Real transformation
in his life was somehow distinct. He once stole some green mangoes from a
neighbor’s tree. Though he was a child, the father was so furious that he hit
him with an axe. Little Prahlad ran away to the woods with the bleeding wounds.
One day he awoke to see an ascetic monk before him. The Sanyasi gave him some
flat bread to eat, and touched his wounds with a log of wood. This log of wood,
with which the Sannyasi healed the wounds, was under his keep all his life. The
Sannyasi further took a leaf with very hard stem from the woods and stretched
his tongue and drew some lines on it. The etching was so hard that his tongue
was bleeding and he also lost his senses, as Prahlad went into trance. When he
woke up next morning, the ascetic was gone.

He rode to Kolkota
and lived on the banks of river Ganga for several years first by begging and
next playing a wandering priest of goddess ‘Kali’. Slowly he began to work as
dish washer and sweeper ignoring his merit of a high caste birth. During
nights, he is said to have been under trance in which he was taught yoga by
goddess ‘Kali’. By the time he perfected yoga, he used to have visions and
strange dreams. He gained an ability to tell the future, and took up a new
career as an astrologer and his predictions were generally accurate. Because
Prahlad’s indiscreet practice of offering Kali Cooked food, he somehow was sent
out of the house, where he stayed. The next four years he meditated in an
Ashram, he himself built.

He then cared to
contact his parents in Orissa. They but insisted that he marry a girl they have
chosen. He explained that his view of all women is ‘embodiments of the Divine
Mother’.  Again he disappeared into the
woods, this time in the garbs of a renunciant Sanyasi. After four years, he
again returned to Orissa, this time to take the blessings of his father, who
died in his presence. Later he was found roaming all over South India,
meditating on various terrains, sometimes even sitting over the skulls. It can
precisely be said that he was taken away into the spirit of the goddess ‘Kali’.
The hut he built is said to have great power; it is believed that goddess Kali
speaks to those who enter the hut.

Prahlad gained only
limited disciples because his physical requirements necessary for initiation,
such as sharply pointed tongue etc. were hard to find. He refused to touch
money, living the life of a renunciant Kali priest. According to his disciples
and to people who knew him, he had a variety of psychic powers, especially the
abilities to induce visions and to communicate at a distance. His devotees
spoke of his having a “cosmic telephone.” He would put his finger on
the ground, as if pressing a button, and say that he was in touch with someone
at a distance.

Chandra Brahmachari had been to the West several times. He has disciple groups
in the West too. His teachings still stand best in India. He passed away in
1982. He is a much honored saint of India.

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