Freedom and Creativity

By Dr. K S Radhakrishnan on 10-07-2012

If you want to actualize the potentialities
present in an individual, you must ­­­necessarily make him free and if a
teacher can make a student free from fear of a subject, quite sure that such a
student must be able to produce the maximum in the subject as well as in the
society. Because of the fact that there is an element of fear in our students, usually
they are not creative in their activities; they are afraid of language, they
are afraid of mathematics, they are afraid of science and they are afraid of almost
every subject. The duty of an ideal teacher is to remove fear of a subject from
the mindset of the students and removal of fear is exactly the work of a
teacher. A person who is able to remove fear from the minds of the people is a
real leader. But, on the contrary what happens now is that here in the
political organizations the supreme leaders are creating more of it. Because of
this fear any follower always imitates the leader, and imitation cannot bring
out anything creative. So, especially in the case of India, we have to free our
youth, free our students free our management and our employees from that fear
which has already been created by the so called superiors. The removal of fear is
an essential precondition in exploring the potentialities in a human
individual. Advaita aims at removal of fear and the moment we admit that ‘I and
you’ is identical, we also indirectly admit that there is no difference between
‘I and you. If there are identical elements in ‘I and you’ there is no question
of lack of communication. Lack of communication always ends up in creation of

No society can be progressive without
expression of freedom by every member. A developed and progressive society
means a society which actualizes the potentialities in every individual. All
such actualizations should have the ability to exercise freedom of each person.
Freedom is something that is not given; it has to be taken by the person
concerned. The one who exercises freedom has to remember that a free person has
to regulate himself too. The self-regulated exercise of freedom by every member
of a society alone ensures progress and development. The present day market
economy believes in unfettered freedom. An unfettered freedom is dangerous to a
healthy society.  A society needs
regulation and that regulation must be self-regulation. This aspect has been
forgotten by the Western philosophical systems of thought. Now-a-days the world
moves towards polarization of power, wealth etc. This is highly dangerous. Freedom is dangerous but not self-regulated freedom.

About The Author

Dr. K S Radhakrishnan

Dr. K S Radhakrishnan (formerly Vice-Chancellor of Sri Sankaracharya University and Chairman, Kerala Public Service Commission) is a learned scholar who has been earnestly trying to revive the ancient knowledge in Indian culture. He worked as a lecturer early in his life and now lives an eloquent advocate of social and cultural causes.