Feeding the Earth

By Admin on 01-01-2016

After the meal, Mataji took leave of them and went to her cottage. The guru and his disciple sat alone on the veranda of Bhojanalaya for some more time.The Baba told Atma Prakash…….. ‘Take care of what you eat and drink, my son, and take care of what and how you think and feel……. Your health will take care of itself. Control your thought and food. Be careful about what occupies your mind and what occupies your stomach…..‘Fruits and nuts, roots and leaves…these are all that we need. The jungle is full of them… Eat fresh fruits and raw vegetables for better health. Only we humans cook our food. All other living beings eat without cooking. And only we humans suffer from all kinds of sicknesses……‘Mother Earth is very generous to all her children. Only we humans eat more than required, hoard and destroy. All other living beings eat what they need from time to time… no hoarding… no destroying… ‘We human beings are meant to be pure vegetarians. But we eat all kinds of dead bodies, believing that such dead bodies will give us better health and greater strength!… There was a time when some human beings used to kill and eat other human beings. This was known as ‘cannibalism’. Today we kill and eat animals. This can be termed ‘annibalism’…. Just as we today find it difficult to believe in ‘cannibalism’, centuries from now people will find it difficult to believe that there existed ‘annibalism’ on earth!…….. ‘So be very careful about what you eat, how you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat…..‘Similarly, be careful about your thoughts and feelings. We are responsible for what we think and how we feel. Let positive thoughts fill your mind and loving emotions fill you heart’…..The Baba stopped and glanced at Atma Prakash. He then added: ‘I brought the sweet potato stems from my guru’s ashram in the Himalayas. It was more than 40 years ago. In fact, he had given them to me to be planted along the riverbed. I did so….‘Over the years they have grown and spread so much…all over the jungle…Wild pigs, rabbits, rats and the monkeys … and many tribals in this jungle have been enjoying them… My guru was very happy when he visited me three years later in this forest…’‘How many times had he visited you in this forest, guruji?’ Atma Prakash asked.‘In his physical form only once. But in his spiritual form many times..’ the Baba said.‘In spiritual form?’ Atma Prakash looked at the Baba questioningly.‘After our physical death, we exist as spiritual beings beyond time and space limitations…. As spiritual being, we can appear to our disciples and loved ones with divine providence through dreams and visions or in our psychic bodies ’ the Baba said and got up.He walked towards his cottage. ‘Sleep well, Atma Prakash…. Good night’ he turned and wished his disciple before disappearing into the darkness.

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